Cucumber- avocado salad with wafu dressing

I recently found a wonderful Japanese food blog, which inspired me to use some Japanese ingredients – the sweet potatoes for example look absolutely delicious. For now, I decided to just make a simple cucumber and avocado salad with a wafu vinaigrette, which I adapted from a recipe found on another very useful blog. (In fact, it’s worth making a larger quantity of this dressing and keeping it in the fridge for later use, it’s delicious and works just as well with spinach or other greens, or as a sauce for vegetables.)

cucumber avocado salad with wafu dressing | lucky star anise

Ingredients (for two portions):
One avocado
Two small baby cucumbers (or half a regular one)
One teaspoon of white sesame seeds
One small piece of ginger, grated
One teaspoon vegetable oil
One teaspoon sesame oil
Two teaspoons soy sauce
One teaspoon rice vinegar
One teaspoon mirin (mirin contains some alcohol, leave it out if you don’t want to use it)
Half a teaspoon of brown sugar
Freshly ground white pepper
A pinch of salt

Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, peel off the skin and carefully slice the flesh. Cut the cucumbers in thin slices (and halve or quarter them if using a regular cucumber). Arrange avocado slices and cucumber on the plates. Whisk all other ingredients together, except the sesame seeds and pepper and drizzle the dressing over the salad. Grind the sesame seeds – just a little – in a mortar to release the flavour and sprinkle them over the salad, along with some freshly ground pepper. Season with salt to taste. Enjoy!

  1. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! It made me discover yours – fabulous recipes! And love the layout of your homepage!

    • luckystaranise

      Thanks so much for your kind words – glad you like the layout. And I’ll certainly try your pad thai very soon :)

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