recipe index

Breakfast etc.

Millet apple porridge with toasted pecans
Wintery semolina breakfast with caramelized blood oranges
Raw’ish strawberry-turmeric breakfast sandwich
Swedish crispbread with apple onion jam
Rose water lassi


Roasted carrot soup with sumac and carrot greens pesto
Creamy pumpkin and burnt aubergine soup with za’atar
Bright sunchoke soup with lemon, orange and limeVegan sopa de limaWintery cream of celeriac soup with pears
Seasonal harvest soup (Gemüsesuppe)
Green gazpacho
Senegalese inspired peanut and cashew soup with vegetables
Italian chard and lentil soup
Carrot and sweet potato soup with ginger and spices


Buckwheat, pomegranate and herbs salad
Quinoa salad with miso-glazed carrots
Freekeh salad with fresh figs and roasted aubergine
Green bulgur salad with sweet potatoes and mint
Sesame rice salad with kale and red cabbage
Fresh summer salad with thai flavors
Warm bell peppers with mozzarella and basilWhite asparagus and beluga lentil salad
Bavarian radish salad with mustard lemon vinaigrette
Winter salad: grilled radicchio with avocado, toasted almonds and creamy lemon mustard vinaigrette
Raw beetroot salad with ginger pistachio gremolata
Easter lunch: Salade niçoise
Fresh endives, apples and asparagus salad
Cucumber avocado salad with wafu dressing
Senegalese black eyed pea salad
Beet root salad with green sprouts and feta cheese
Braised artichoke salad with greens and parmesan

Pulses, vegetables, potatoes

Roasted cauliflower steaks with green herb gremolata
Green asparagus tacos with miso-tahini cream (vegan)
Turnip veggie burger
Rainbow chard and sweet potato curry with turmeric and ginger
Beluga lentil stew with beetroot and roasted mushrooms
Black eyed pea curry with spinach
Red cabbage pickle
Polenta with sautéed mushrooms and spring onions
Potato gnocchi with fresh herbs (vegan)
Roasted fennel with fresh figs and basil
Bavarian potato salad with radishes and fresh garlic
Spring potatos with fresh herbs

Pizza, pasta and noodles

Winter pizza with roasted vegetables
Whole grain pasta with white asparagus and cilantro
Socca with avocado, peas and mint
Flatbread with beetroot, potato and cashew-garlic cream
Vibrant soba noodle bowl with miso-tahini dressing
Sweet potato crust pizza with cabbage and red bell peppers

Sweets and bakery

Puffed quinoa cocoa butter bars
Summer berry galette
Rhubarb and hazelnut cake
Elderflower lemon cake
Savoury quince galette with goat cheese and thyme
Traditional yeasted poppy seed roll (Mohnzopf)
Rose apple tarts
Vegan plum tart